Update Your TomTom Device


While advanced maps dispose of the problem of their printed, collapsed partner, you may, in any case, find that the guide information spared in your Tom Tom gps update has gotten obsolete. Rather than getting baffled by missing, fragmented or altogether wrong areas and headings, play out an intermittent update to keep your next stumble destined for success.

 With the refresh or an updated version of your TomTom route gadget, you have to introduce the MyDrive Connect application on your PC or Mac PC. MyDrive Connect is the free help application that encourages you to deal with your substance and services on your TomTom route gadget. By means of MyDrive Connect, we will offer you the most recent maps, programming refreshes and the likelihood to restore your administrations. We prescribe interfacing your route gadget normally to guarantee you will have the best driving experience. Consistently we have a few updates and fixes accessible.

 Ensure you are utilizing the most recent form of MyDrive Connect. Once introduced, it would be ideal if you just associate your TomTom route gadget to your PC or Mac and the application will begin consequently.

 TomTom HOME enables you to ensure the safety generally have the most recent TomTom application introduced. To check if another application variant is accessible, associate your route gadget to your PC. At that point, click on Update my gadget in HOME. 

Interface your route gadget to your PC and start MyDrive Connect. Sign in with your TomTom account whenever provoked, and hold up until your gadget is turned on.

At the point when your gadget is associated, MyDrive Connect consequently checks for refreshes and synchronizes any progressions from your gadget.

The update(s) are first downloaded to your PC, at that point moved to your route gadget, lastly introduced and arranged for use.

 Ensure you don’t detach your route gadget from the PC until both the gadget and MyDrive Connect says that the update has been finished.

 You can likewise include, erase or change the maps you have introduced on your route gadget in the My Content tab. 

At the point when you look down to My Maps, you see the maps that are introduced on just as accessible for your gadget. Snap-on a guide picture to see more subtleties. 

Change – Install a guide with various inclusion to get a smaller or bigger adaptation. A few maps permit you to choose renditions with various nation inclusion so you can introduce a guide that despite everything suits your requirements.

TomTom Go Basic Map Update

Uninstall – Delete the chose map. On the off chance that you have a few maps introduced, you can erase maps to let loose space, yet you generally need to have at any rate one guide introduced on your gadget. 

Introduce – Add another guide for use on your route gadget. The segment My Maps shows all the maps that were incorporated with your gadget and that you have bought for it, so you can uninhibitedly introduce or swap these around.

In the event that you associate your TomTom GPS and find that it doesn’t demonstrate that an update is accessible for your gadget, the product is now current. Just detach your TomTom from your PC.

For a quicker and normally increasingly stable download, interface with the web utilizing a wired association.

The time wherein you download each update is resolved both by the size of the update just as your web association speed.

In the event that your download or update establishment appears to slack or bomb totally, check your antivirus programming to check whether it’s causing issues with the procedure.